Casting of beam joints
Research & Development

A number of research projects have been carried out since CRC was developed in 1986. Besides establishing CRC-behaviour with regard to durability, bending, shear, ductility, fatigue, pull-out, impact, triaxial compression etc., the projects have been aimed at describing the advantages of CRC for specific applications. A EUREKA project carried out with Danish and British partners led to design, production and full-scale testing of tunnel linings in CRC. A Brite/EuRam project with Danish, French and Spanish partners included large scale production and tests of columns, joints and beams.

Another Brite/EuRam project with partners from 7 different European countries, where fire resistance of high performance and ultra high performance concrete was investigated was concluded in 1999.

Other smaller research projects have been carried out focussing on specific applications such as columns or specific properties - mostly projects looking at bond properties and applications of CRC JointCast for bridges, columns, beams etc.

Research projects are often carried out in cooperation with universities, where research on CRC is included in a masters or a Ph.D. thesis.

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