Trial casting for Dragados at their site in Sagunto, Spain

CRC has primarily been used in Denmark where thousands of balcony slabs and hundreds of stair cases have been produced since 1997. Early applications have been for drain covers, stair cases and balcony slabs, but in addition to these applications  CRC is now used for a range of products including facade elements, machine foundations, columns and beams.

The development of CRC was based on the experience obtained from working with the so-called DSP-materials, developed by Aalborg Portland in 1978.

These High Performance Concretes (150-300 MPa compressive strength) have been extensively used for floors, abrasion resistant linings, corrosion protection and in the security industry by Densit A/S. The CRC concept, marketed by CRC Technology, is well suited for structual applications due to the large fibre contents which provide ductility and tensile strength.

CRC has often been used for problem-solving, where a solution in steel or concrete has not been quite satisfactory. While CRC can achieve a strength comparable to steel, CRC has the added advantage of a better fire resistance. In comparison to conventional concrete the advantage is a much more slender structure, which - besides being more elegant - weighs less, which can be especially important for cantilevered structures.

As CRC is becoming known in the building industry, it is now more and more common that CRC is also considered in the early stages of design, and utilised to achieve slender and elegant structures or for small and simple connections with CRC JointCast which makes it possible to combine the advantages of pre-cast production and the properties of an in-situ cast structure.

In Denmark CRC elements are produced by Hi-Con A/S, the owner of CRC Technology, that have based their production primarily on CRC products.   

Article in Concrete Engineering International

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