Framework placed under joints before casting

Joints being cast
CRC JointCast

The bond properties of CRC make it possible to obtain full anchorage of ribbed 8 mm bars with an embedment length of only 5-10 diameters. This was utilised in a new building system used for the University in Aalborg in 1995, where full transfer of the moments was achieved with 100 mm wide joints placed in the middle of the span. The system was developed specifically for the university building in a project managed by the Carl Bro Group, consulting engineers and planners, and sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

In yet another building built in the summer of 1998 for Aalborg University, the system was developed further, allowing a rigid connection to the columns.

CRC JointCast is often used for repairs - e.g. where rebars have been accidentally cut - or for connections that are especially difficult to design in a simple manner without compromising strength. This includes joints between columns and foundations or between elements in supporting walls. CRC JointCast has been used for several bridges - to add another lane to an existing bridge or to provide continuity in the transverse direction for a new bridge.

CRC JointCast is sold as a dry-mortar, which includes binder, sand and fibres. Only water is added on site. 

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