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Article in Concrete Engineering International

The magazine Concrete Engineering International publishes an article on CRC in the January Issue 2015.

Read the article here:  "Engineering challenges in international application of UHPFRC" , publiced in Concrete Engineering International, Volume 19, Issue 1.

CRC helical staircase for Sidney Stringer Academy

Two helical staircases in CRC with one 180 degree turn per storey have been installed at Sidney Stringer Academy in Coventry. The main contractor Kier is putting the finishing touches on the school which will be in use from next term.  The two staircases - where one spans two storeys while the other spans three storeys - are produced and designed by Hi-Con, Denmark while WSP have been the structural engineers for the project and Sheppard Robson are the architects. 

The staircases were produced as elements and joined together on site using CRC JointCast. The process is shown in a time lapse video here. The column shell supporting the staircase is used for lighting the landings.

Ebor Concrete produces CRC blocks for Boulby

Friday, December 04, 2009
Author: bka

In a period from April to November 2009 Ebor Concrete has produced a total of 584 blocks (300 m3) of CRC for relining of the manshaft at Boulby mine - at a depth of 1000 metres. The design of the blocks and the refitting scheme has been carried out by the owner Cleveland Potash Limited.

The content of CRC binder was 710 kg per m3 and mean 28 day strength was slightly above 130 MPa. 16 of the blocks have been fitted with embedded instrumentation in order for Cleveland Potash to follow the behaviour of the lining closely.

The CRC binder was supplied in 750 kg bags and dispensed into the 0.3 m3 mixer using an Entecon aeromechanical conveyor. 4 blocks have been produced per day using steel moulds.

Balconies placed on corbels and held with threaded bars

Thickness of the slab and upstands is around 100 mm
Ørestadshuset in Copenhagen with white CRC balconies

Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Author: bka 

In 2007 Hi-Con A/S produced a total of 145 balcony slabs in white CRC for Ørestadshuset - close to Fields and the airport in Copenhagen. All balconies are cantilevered and the CRC - with a thickness of about 100 mm - wraps around to provide side bannisters as well as a roof to the balcony. In most cases the "roof" is quite short, but on 15 of the top floor balconies the roof runs for the whole length of the balcony. The balcony slabs are fixed at the facade and tension forces are carried by threaded bars fastened to inserts in the sides of the balconies.   

Builder/owner on the project is Sjælsø Gruppen, contractor was Myhlenberg A/S, while architects were Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitektfirma A/S and engineering advisors were Rambøll A/S.


Klosterbakken, Odense med hvide CRC altaner

Torsdag, 3. december, 2009
Af: bka  

CRC elementerne til Klosterbakken blev produceret i 2007 og 2008 og inkluderede 65 standard udkragede altaner (se billede), 15 større hjørnealtaner, som er delvis udkragede og delvis støttet af 30 CRC søjler (ø180 mm) og endelig 64 afskærmingspaneler. Altanerne er produceret i hvid CRC med rustfri stålfibre.

Arkitekterne er Vilhelm Lauritsen Arkitekter og Rambøll er rådgivende ingeniører på projektet. Arkitektgruppen er bygherre.


165 CRC balcony slabs for A-huset, Copenhagen

Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Author: bka 

In 2007 Hi-Con A/S produced 165 CRC balcony slabs for the newly developed residential area Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. The balconies are cantilevered about 1.6 m and has a width of about 3 m. All the balconies are supported by "flaps" that are bolted to the concrete deck. Conventional steel fibres have been used on the project. 
Builder/owner is Walls A/S, architects are Holgaard Arkitekter, Copenhagen and engineering advisors are J.J. Byg A/S, Nivå. 


CRC balconies for City Husene, Copenhagen

Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Author: bka 

Hi-Con A/S has produced almost 2 km of balcony slabs and balcony walkways for the 12 stories of City Husene in the new development Ørestaden in Copenhagen. All the elements are cantileverd with supporting "flaps" that are bolted into the concrete deck. Thickness of the slabs varies from 60 to 85 mm.  

Arkitektgruppen, Odense is owner/builder while consulting engineers have been Henry Jensen, Odense and architects have been Tegnestuen Vandkunsten from Copenhagen. 


146 CRC balcony slabs for Rentemestervej

Thursday, November 29, 2007
Author: bka

Hi-Con A/S has produced 146 balcony slabs for Rentemestervej in Copenhagen. The balcony slabs were cantilevered and supported by "flaps" with a thickness of 85 mm, that are bolted into the floor of the building. The width of each balcony is 2.5 m and the cantilever is 1.65 m. Thickness of the slab varies from 60 to 85 mm. To increase the stiffness of the slabs each of the slabs has an integrated beam underneath. 

Contractor on the project is KPC BYG A/S, consultants are Oluf Jørgensen A/S, Roskilde and architects are S & I Arkitekter A/S, Odense.


Paper on slender CRC columns

Author: bka

A research program on slender CRC columns have been carried out by Hi-Con in cooperation with CRC Technology and the universities in Aalborg and Copenhagen. The research included testing under central load and eccentric load as well as fire testing. A paper summarising the results appeared in Nordic Concrete Research no. 34, 2nd issue, 2005 and is available on the "Documentation page for download.


New CRC balconies for Mosehusene

Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Author: bka

Mosehusene in Hillerød, Denmark was one of the first projects where CRC balcony slabs were used - for a number of 3/4-circle balcony slabs as well as access balconies. The pictures are from the first stage which was carried out in 1998, and it has been decided to use a similar CRC design for the second stage of the building project by ABK Hillerød. The elements for the second stage was delivered in early 2004 and consisted of 16 balconies of the 3/4-circle design as well as 18 metres of access balconies. The  elements were produced by PL Beton and are made of CRC with 2% fibres and with a black additive, which has given the balcony slabs a dark gray colour.   

B. Nygaard Sørensen has been the main conctractor and design has been handled by PL beton together with architects Arkitekt Tegnestuen Møllestræde and consultants Rådgivende Ingeniører Erik K. Jørgensen.


First apartments ready at former DAC-site

Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Author: bka

Sundby-Hvorup Housing Society have the first of 68 apartments ready at the former DAC-site at Lindholm Brygge, Nørresundby in Denmark. Hi-Con has produced a total of 1200 m2 of cantilevered balcony slabs and walkways for the project. Advisors on the project have been Arkitekterne Venndt and Carl Bro as.  


CRC elements are installed at "Buen"

Monday, November 25, 2002
Author: bka 

Hi-Con has produced a number of beams and balcony slabs for the project "Buen" in Hjørring, Denmark. A total of 60 balcony slabs, 300 meters of access balcony and a number of staircases and landings were produced in CRC for the project.

The last of the elements have recently been installed - the first elements were delivered in early March.

HP Group A/S is main contractor on the project, Birk & Boe A/S are consultants and architect is Kjeld Berg A/S.  

Article in Concrete Engineering International

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CRC staircase for Sidney Stringer Academy

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White balconies for Ørestadshuset in Copenhagen 

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