Tunnel lining being tested at Taywood Engineering

Tunnel linings

In a EUREKA project called COMPRESIT, the concept of CRC tunnel linings was developed. The project included determination of a number of CRC properties and design, production and testing of CRC linings with a strength and ductility equal to that of cast iron linings. The project demonstrated that CRC was a cost effective alternative to cast iron linings in a number of cases, as the design of CRC is much more flexible with the wide range of dimensions and properties that can be used.

The price for a CRC lining can be as low as a third of the price of a cast iron lining. The project, which included Danish and British participants, was supported by the Danish and British Agencies for Trade and Industry.

The type of reinforced tunnel linings that can sustain bending which was investigated in the project has not been applied in projects yet, but a more simple system where CRC blocks are used for a lining in compression has been used for 3 different projects - all commissioned by Cleveland Pot Ash. The first 2 projects were produced by Tarmac Precast, while the last was produced by Ebor Concrete. 

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