Different types of reinforced panels being cast at Technion, Israel.

CRC slabs penetrated by grenade from a cannon

The CRC-concept also has potential for protection of civilan targets against terror or for military applications because of the high strength and ductility.

A research project with the Swedish military involved testing of heavily reinforced slabs with a thickness of 20 cm. The slabs were placed 5 behind each other. They were then fired upon (from a distance of 300 meters) with a grenade weighing 45 kg and with a length - prior to impact - of 50 cm. Conventional concrete was demolished completely, while the grenade was trapped in the first of the CRC plates.

Other research has included a series of impact tests carried out at University of British Columbia and tests are currently being carried out at Technion in Israel. In these tests a number of reinforced panels will be shot at using a gas-driven cannon.  

The main benefit of the CRC panels are that they provide protection with small thicknesses at moderate prices.

Article in Concrete Engineering International

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