UK project on "Innovative Assembly of Structural Components"

A project has been carried out by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in England under the DETR Framework Programme to investigate process issues and new technical solutions for jointing of structural components, principally in pre-cast concrete.

A number of joints were investigated, including column/column, beam/column, flat slab/column and slab/slab joints. All of the joints tested were based on CRC JointCast in order to make the joints as small and as simple as possible - to design as well as to carry out. A concluding report has been issued for the project and in all the tests failure took place either in the parent concrete or as yielding of the reinforcement - the failure did not occur in the joint. The picture to the left shows one of structures tested - in this case a joint between 2 beams and 2 columns.
The project started October 1999 and concluded in 2003. Project manager was Richard Moss, BRE. Under the heading "CRC JointCast" is shown an example of one of the joints tested.

BRE already had some experience with CRC JointCast as this material was used on one of the floors of the European Concrete Building Project at Cardington. The concrete frame is shown on the left.

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