Cantilevered balcony slabs in CRC at Rentemestervej, Copenhagen

CRC balcony used at Løngangsgade, Hillerød
Balcony slabs

Since the first CRC balconies were produced in 1997, thousands of balcony slabs have been designed in a large number of variations. With the strength and durability that can be achieved with CRC, there is considerable freedom in design in an attempt to arrive at the best and most suitable solutions. Most CRC applications have been for cantilevered balconies or walk ways, where the low load on the building and the slender expression has been of importance. In this case beams or columns are avoided and the load on the building is still very manageable. 

While the strength and durability makes it possible to produce very slender and elegant structures, the stiffness of CRC is only slightly larger than for conventional concrete, which means that deformations determine the extent of cantilever that can be achieved. This is the reason for also using CRC balconies with other systems of support, that fits the buildings structural system better or open up the possibility for larger balconies. The different types of CRC balconies that have been used over the years are described in short in the sections on balconies with flaps, isokorb balconies, simply supported balconies and suspended balconies, where examples of applications are shown.

Article in Concrete Engineering International

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