CRC foundation frames for machinery
Other applications

CRC is well suited for a number of structural applications due to its high strength, durability and considerable ductility, but so far it has mostly been used for smaller precast elements such as drain covers, balcony slabs, beams, columns, walkways and staircases. However, recently architects have started to consider UHPC materials for some very daring projects leading to investigations into the use in facade elements, for pedestrian bridges or for off shore applications.

Most often when CRC is preferred for a structural application it is because of the combination of good properties, such as high strength, ductility and durability, but in some cases the reason for choosing CRC has been based on just one property. This was for example the case when CRC was used for a number of lining blocks for a mine in Scotland - a project where they needed high strength and placeability.

Article in Concrete Engineering International

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