Staircase in the REISS signature store in London

Accordion staircase at Lisbjerg school attached to a circular rotunda
Accordion staircases

The high strength in CRC combined with a large content of steel fibres and a cover to the reinforcement as low as 15 mm makes it possible to produce the socalled "accordion" staircases in CRC and still achieve a relatively slender design. The staircase supports itself with no need for stringers, which gives a minimalistic and simple design.

With limited spans the tread thickness can be as low as 70 mm, but as the stiffness of this type of stair determines the design, the thickness of the steps quickly increases in accordance with the span. 

Accordion staircase with supports at landings
Thickness of the steps is 90 mm
T & O Stelectric, Randers

In 2002 Hi-Con supplied staircases for T & O Stelectric in Randers. The stair is supported halfway - at a landing with a wall with a thickness of 90 mm - corresponding to the thickness of the steps. The landings and the flights are cast separately to keep cost of the mould down. Hoffmann was the contractor on the project while Arkitema were the architects. 

Accordion staircase in light CRC
JBS, Herning

In 2004 Hi-Con produced an accordion staircase in light CRC for JBS in Herning. This was the first project where the light version of CRC was used, and the result was achieved by replacing the normal micro silica used in CRC with a special white micro silica.

Architects were Friis & Moltke, Aalborg while NIRAS, Herning were engineers and in charge of the building site. 

The steps have a thickness of 80 mm

The staircase is partly supported by the wall 
Brunbjergvej, Aarhus

In 2007 Hi-Con produced 3 flights of stairs and 2 landings as an accordion staircase for Bellinger in Risskov, Aarhus. The thickness of the steps was 80 mm.

Contractor was Hedebo A/S, Kersten & Westphal were engineers and the architect was Smærup & Wessman - all from Randers. 

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