CRC staircase at Aalborg Portland

Stair at Fiberlan, Odense
Staircases with stringer supports

With long spans it is often necessary to use one or more stringers to support the staircase in order to maintain the slender look that is typical for CRC or fibre reinforced UHPC. Depending on options for installation - and preferred design - the stringer can be cast as an integrated part of the stair or it can be cast and installed separately, which can be an advantage in places that are not easily accessible. Casting in parts can also mean a reduced cost for the mould, but could lead to larger dimensions.

With the stringer providing support the steps can be designed with a small thickness and if this is combined with a variation of the cross section a very slender look can be achieved. This was the case for the stairs in Aarhus described below, where the steps have a thickness of 35 mm at the edge, but are thicker where they are attached to the supporting stringer.

More examples of projects are described below.

Staircases in Aarhus

A recent example of slender elements in CRC are the staircases and walkway bridges in the entrance hall of the new department of welfare and social services in Aarhus. The staircases are cast with a central beam and at the outer edge the steps have a thickness of 35 mm.

The walkways combine CRC slabs and a conventional prestressed beam. The slabs and the beam are joined with CRC JointCast. The staircases and the walkways were produced by Beton-Tegl, Støvring and architects were Nielsen, Nielsen & Nielsen, Aarhus. NCC were in charge of the project. 

Roskilde University

Staircase and walkway at the library of Roskilde University, Denmark. The slender and elegant apperance is emphasised by the single supporting beam and the partial support from the roof.

Architects were Henning Larsens Tegnestue and the calculations were made by Carl Bro as. The staircase was produced as precast elements by PL Beton and all joints were cast on site using CRC JointCast. This includes the joint where the supporting beams cross each other. The use of CRC JointCast adds a monolithic apperance and structural performance and eliminates the need for visible joints. 

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