Spiral staircase at CBS

Stair at Landbo MidtØst
Spiral staircases

Along with the helical staircase in CRC the spiral staircases are some of the more spectacular designs in CRC. The cost of moulds for the spiral staircases are typically lower than for the helical stairs as more elements are produced for each stair - which is of course reflected in the price for the stair. With the advantage of fibre reinforced UHPC the steps can be cantilevered quite a bit while maintaining the relatively small thickness.

Feature staircases have been produced for a number of projects - including Lanbo MidtØst, Copenhagen Business School, Max Bank, Olav de Linde and Slotsmøllen, Kolding, but more simple stairs - e.g. for fire escapes - have also been produced.

A few examples are shown below.

Spiral staircase at Max Bank

Stair for Max Bank, Næstved

In 2008 Hi-Con installed a spiral staircase in CRC at Max Bank, Næstved. In comparison to the stair shown below the Max Bank one has not been plastered and has a "raw" look. The outer diameter of the stair is 3500 mm. 

Spiral staircase seen through windows

The risers have a thickness of 40 mm
Spiral staircase for Balticagade, Aarhus

The building company Olav de Linde in Aarhus chose a CRC spiral staircase from Hi-Con for their offices in 2004. The outer diameter of the stair is 3300 mm and the risers have a thickness of 40 mm. 

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