Balconies with only one flap being installed
CRC balcony slabs supported by flaps

CRC walk way with flaps
Balcony slabs with flaps

The first balconies to be produced in CRC were designed with a number of this flaps, that were bolted to the hollow core floor of the building to support a cantilevered slab. Due to the strength and durability of CRC the slab itself could be designed with a thickness of 50-80 mm, and thus the weight was sufficiently low that the flaps - with closely spaced reinforcement - could support the slab with a flap thickness of 80-100 mm. As the Danish building system usually allows for a raised floor it was possible to insulate below and above the flaps and thus avoid a cold bridge. This system - which was also quick to install - made it possible to combine the robustness and fire reistance of concrete with the light, cantilevered structures that can be designed in steel.

With increasing demands for insulation in the Danish buildings the flap balconies have now for the most part been replaced by other designs - primarily the isokorb balconies and the suspended balconies - but with thousands of elements the flap balconies have made their mark on a fair number of the many buildings put up in the first decade of 2000.

Article in Concrete Engineering International

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