Lining blocks for tunnels and mines

Tarmac Precast Concrete has produced high strength blocks for relining of one of the deepest mine shafts at the Boulby mine. This is the second order for high strength blocks that Tarmac has had for the Boulby mine and the total order was for almost 2000 blocks each weighing approximately 500 kg.

The blocks were produced at Tarmac´s Tallington factory and about 700 kg of CRC binder was used per m3 of concrete. Mean compressive strength measured at 28 days was 139.0 MPa on the project.

Recently - in a period from April to November 2009 - Ebor Concrete has produced 584 blocks (300 m3) of CRC for relining of the manshaft at Boulby, a mine owned by Cleveland Potash Limited.

Article in Concrete Engineering International

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