A new building for "Rigshospitalet" in Copenhagen was to be made using pre-cast elements. The new building should have an appearance similar to the existing building, where the structures were cast on site.

The new building has 8 storeys. The front of the building has a major function in stabilising the building, but in the first 2 storeys the front of the building is moved back 0.8 metres. The vertical loads are carried by 4 columns, and the 2 central ones are so heavily loaded, that conventional joints would not be able to distribute the forces.

The joints are reinforced (with 10 Y25 bars) and in order to obtain a reasonable lap length (equal to 10 bar diameters) the joint was cast using CRC JointCast.

MT Højgaard A/S was design/build contractor on the project.

Article in Concrete Engineering International

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