CRC balcony in Kongefolden, Skanderborg
CRC balconies for renovation project in Vanggården, Aalborg
Simply supported balconies

Cantilevered balconies are often chosen because of their lightness in design and because there is no need for other supporting members. However, the cantilevered balconies place demands on the floors or walls in order to support the balconies - and there are often limitations on the size of the balconies if the necessary stiffness has to be achieved. Finally, it can be difficult to allow for cantilevered balconies in renovations.

In some of these cases it can be a solution to use CRC balconies that are supported by another system. The balcony slabs range from very stiff slabs that have a large span and to thin slabs that are continually supported and the supports can be columns, beams, L-columns or struts. There is a large freedom in design - also with regard to whether the different parts should be produced separately or the slab should be cast with integrated ribs.

For these types of balconies it is often other things that are required than thin and elegant - e.g. the large balconies from Kongefolden (the top picture) doesn't appear especially slender, but as the slab is stiffened by having an integrated beam along the edge, the slab itself doesn't need to be very thick. 

Article in Concrete Engineering International

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