Suspended balcony at Østerbrogade 105, Copenhagen

The balconies are at the back of the building
Suspended balconies

With increasing demands for insulation it is desirable that any breaks in the climate screen are kept to a minimum. This can be achieves by using columns, but if a cantilevered system is still desirable a solution can be achieved with suspended balconies, where the slab of the balcony is placed on a corbel - which takes the vertical loads - and the balcony is then bolted to the building. In principle this could be achieved with a strut that has been painted with fireproof paint, but with the CRC balconies it has typically been decided to transfer these forces through an integrated upstand.

This means the tensile connection is hidden and with the slender CRC balconies the loading on the building is reduced compared to a solution in conventional concrete, while the advantages in relation to steel are related to fire, installation - and aesthetics.

A few examples of applications are shown below.

Balconies placed on corbels and held with threaded bars

Thickness of the slab and upstands is around 100 mm
Ørestadshuset in Copenhagen with white CRC balconies

In 2007 Hi-Con A/S produced a total of 145 balcony slabs in white CRC for Ørestadshuset - close to Fields and the airport in Copenhagen. All balconies are cantilevered and the CRC - with a thickness of about 100 mm - wraps around to provide side bannisters as well as a roof to the balcony. In most cases the "roof" is quite short, but on 15 of the top floor balconies the roof runs for the whole length of the balcony. The balcony slabs are placed on corbels at the facade and tension forces are carried by threaded bars fastened to inserts in the sides of the balconies.   

Builder/owner on the project is Sjælsø Gruppen, contractor was Myhlenberg A/S, while architects were Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitektfirma A/S and engineering advisors were Rambøll A/S.


Klosterbakken, Odense with white CRC balconies

CRC elements for Klosterbakken were produced in 2007 and 2008 and included 65 standard cantilevered balconies (see picture), 15 larger corner balconies, that are partly cantilevered, partly supported by 30 CRC columns (ø180 mm) and finally 64 screen panels (also as seen in the picture). The balconies are produced in white CRC with stainless steel fibres. They are supported on steel corbels with a tension connection in the top of the upstand, which is an integrated part of the balcony. The thickness of the slab is 70-85 mm   

Rambøll were consulting engineers on the project, architects were Vilhelm Lauritsen Arkitekter and contractor was Arkitektgruppen. 


Suspended balconies for Bølgen, Vejle

In 2008 Hi-Con produced a series of 78 cantilevered CRC balconies for Bølgen (The Wave) in Vejle. In this case a strut has been used in one side of the balcony while the bolted connection in the other side is hidden in the upstand that transfers the loads.

Arcitects were Henning Larsen Architects, while Grontmij|Carl Bro were engineers.
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