CRC staircase and walkway
in Århus.

CRC Technology is a subsidiary of Hi-Con A/S. Please visit the global website for references and applications.

CRC (Compact Reinforced Composite) is a special concept for High Performance Concretes, where ductility is achieved through incorporation of a large content of short, stiff and strong fibres.

This ductility combined with high strength (150-400 MPa) and exceptional durability makes it possible to utilise a large amount of reinforcement, thus giving new structural possibilities compared to conventional concrete.


Information about CRC

This website presents information about the product CRC (Compact Reinforced Composite) and some typical applications. More applications are presented at

Reports, papers and notes on CRC can be downloaded from the Documentation page. If you have any questions about CRC - if you have a particular project in mind and want to know if CRC is suitable - or if you just want a bit more information, don't hesitate to call or send an e-mail. 


Freedom in design

The possibility of having another alternative to steel and concrete provides designers and builders with more freedom in design, giving better and more cost effective solutions.


Broad use of CRC

CRC was developed in 1986 by Aalborg Portland, but has been commercially available since 1995. CRC Technology, which is a subsidiary of the precast producer Hi-Con A/S, sells the special binder used for CRC concrete as well as a dry-mix - CRC JointCast - that is used for small, strong joint or repair. The first applications of CRC have been for in-situ cast joints, tunnel linings, balcony slabs, stair cases, beams and columns but in the last few years even more applications have come up as architects have started designing large projects in fibre reinforced UHPC.


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